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You can have a lush, healthy lawn without the use of conventional, environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Go green organically with a wide assortment of organic lawn care products from Gale’s in Maple Heights. Whether you’re installing a new lawn or caring for established turf, you’ll be pleased with the results. And the environment will thank you.

Espoma Lawn Organics


Made from all natural and organic ingredients, Espoma Organic lawn care products gently feed your lawn. Safe for your family, pets and the environment. Espoma’s Weed Preventer contains corn gluten to prevent crabgrass, dandelion and other weed seeds from germinating. Espoma Lawn food is fortified with a special blend of beneficial microbes that help promote faster greening, deeper roots, and better soil structure.

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More Organic Lawn Care Choices


Milorganite, which has been available since the 1940s, offers your lawn slow-release nitrogen plus iron for greening  without fast grass growth.


Scotts guarantees its Organic Choice Lawn Food will grow thick, green grass without burning or danger to your family, pets or the environment. Can be applied at any time.

Organica 4-Step Program


Organica Lawn Booster feeds your lawn and contains corn gluten to prevent crabgrass weed seed germination. Apply in spring and fall. Kelp Booster Plus promotes greening, healthy roots and soil conditioning with formulations containing slow-release nutrients and beneficial microbes. Apply in late spring and summer.