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Include Fall Colors, Textures

in Your Landscape Design


Some plants put on their best displays in the autumn. While annuals and perennials near the end of their blooming time, ornamental grasses, trees and shrubs become the stars of the landscape. In the Gale’s nursery, you’ll find the plants that provide color and interest as we near the end of the growing season.

Ornamental grasses reach their peak as we head into autumn. They have grown to maximum height and display interesting seed heads. Add the sound of grass blades rustling in the breeze, and you’ll understand why grasses have become popular additions to yards throughout northeastern Ohio.


Hakonechloa grass (far left) is one of the few ornamental grasses that thrives in a shady location.

Fantastic Autumn Color with Trees and Shrubs from Gale’s

TOP LEFT: Autumn Blaze Maple adds a rich glow of color.  TOP RIGHT: Japanese Maples enhance any landscape with their graceful shapes and brilliant foliage.  BOTTOM LEFT: Burning Bush Euonymus rightfully earns its reputation as one of the most popular shrubs in North Coast landscapes.  BOTTOM RIGHT: Dark Knight Caryopteris is one of the few fall-blooming shrubs hardy to our area.

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