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Landscape Plants:

Your Long-term Investment


While annuals provide seasonal color and beauty, they usually do not live past the first frost.  On the other hand, nursery plants—trees, shrubs, vines, roses, perennials, groundcovers, and ornamental grasses—come back year after year. Because they endure, nursery plants should be selected with care.


Whether you’re seeking to create curb appeal or a lush and serene backyard retreat,  Gale’s nursery specialists will help you select the right plants for the right spots.

Perennials, stone, mulch and garden accents

come together to create a shady retreat.

Gentle curves define these planting beds. Careful selection and placement of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials and vines ensure a harmonious display in this manicured landscape.

Come to Gale’s for early blooming perennials, including primrose, pulmonaria (lungwort)

and hellebores (Lenten rose).

Summer Blooming Perennials


Unlike annuals, which bloom fairly consistently throughout our frost-free growing season, most perennials flower at specific times of the year. The successful perennial garden takes this “season of bloom” into account by using plants that bloom in early, mid- and late spring; early, mid- and late summer; autumn; and finally plants for winter interest.


So perennial plantings require some careful planning to have something blooming at all times. Because Gale’s receives perennials as they approach their season of bloom, frequent visits to the nursery throughout the growing season are definitely worthwhile.

Lilies love full sun while astilbes prefer moist shade.